Flat Roof

A flat roof refers to a straight roof that doesn’t have noticeable slopes that are over 10 ° degrees. Flat roofs, also known as low-slope roofs are commonly used on commercial buildings and new developments. The popularity of flat roofs has grown as the selection of different flat roof materials has increased. Flat roofs are more simple, less pricy, and less time-consuming than a traditional pitched roof. Flat roofs are typically covered with sheets of material which is usually known as a membrane. The membranes’ purpose is to create a waterproof roof area. Rainwater is commonly driven away from a flat roof with a drainage system. Bestor Grupp offers a various selection of flat roof materials such as SBS (modified bitumen), PVC, and ruberoid.
Coating with SBS bitumen roll material usually uses a two-layer solution consisting of a base layer and a top layer. Both the base and the top layer are available in our product range. The advantage of PVC roll material is its high durability – one layer of PVC coating is in the same strength class as 2 layers of ordinary bitumen coating material. Ruberoid is used both in the base layers of the roof and in the top layer, as well as in the waterproofing of various surfaces. The base of the ruberoid is covered with talc, the top layer is covered with talc, sand or shale.