Wirplast Roof Ventilation Duct

The ventilation duct ensures air exchange in the rooms. They protect the building from fungi and molds and reduce humidity.

Available in 7 colours: Black, Graphite, Grey, Brown, Red and Brick Orange and Green

Available in different versions:

Standard roof space vent is suitable for: bitumen shingle roofs
Normal roof space vent is suitable for: rolled-profile roofs, bitumen shingle roofs (existing roofing).
Uniwersal roof space vent is suitable for: all types of roof profiles
Perfekta roof space vent is suitable for: metal tile roofs, asbestos-free slate roofs, trapezoidal roofs.
Tile roof space vent is suitable for: clay tile roofs, concrete tile roofs.


  • Adjustable angle of inclination: 0° – 50°
  • Diameter: Ø 125 is available uninsulated, insulated and with an electric fan
  • Exhaust pipe diameter: Ø 150 available with insulated or mechanical fan Installation kit included with the product
  • Concealed mounting screws
  • Air holes in the ventilation ducts facilitate air flow

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