Wirplast Roof space vents

Roof space vent or under-roof ventilation provides efficient ventilation of the roof structure. Protects the building from the formation of fungi and reduces humidity. Extends the service life of the structure.

  • Special surface treatment provides special resistance to scratches, large temperature fluctuations, corrosion and UV rays.
  • Proper airflow.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Roof space vent has a modern, visually aesthetic design. That is why, by supplementing the roof with roof space vent, it will not only fulfill its basic function of ventilation by ventilating the subfloor, but will also create a pleasant visual image of the roof.

Available in different versions:

Standard roof space vent is suitable for: bitumen shingle roofs
Normal roof space vent is suitable for: rolled-profile roofs, bitumen shingle roofs (existing roofing).
Uniwersal roof space vent is suitable for: all types of roof profiles
Perfekta roof space vent is suitable for: metal tile roofs, asbestos-free slate roofs, trapezoidal roofs.
Tile roof space vent is suitable for: clay tile roofs, concrete tile roofs.


    • Diameter: D150 mm
    • Height: 75 mm
    • Material: PP with UV stabilizer
    • The Roof space vent is available as a ready-to-assemble kit: roof vent, corresponding roof connection/base.

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