WIROFIX universal spacers

WIROFIX Universal Spacers serve as an assembly aid for various elements.


For levelling battens and beams
Levelling of subsoil unevenness under the starting strips of thermal insulation systems
For aligning plasterboard profiles
Distancers during assembly work


Practical side holes for 6 mm wide screws for connecting battens
Handle for easier removal of the liner
Universal 10 mm wide hole in the centre allows it to be slid onto a screw or nail
Special “teeth” inside the hole prevent screws and nails from slipping
Top quality PP material, highly resistant to compression, impact, brittleness
The possibility to connect spacers together – depending on your needs




2 mm with handle, 3 mm with handle, 4 mm with handle, 5 mm with handle, 8 mm with handle, 10 mm with handle, 15 mm with handle, 20 mm with handle, MIX

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