Steel Roof Queentile Standard

Composite roof tiles Queentile® Standard profile main distinguishing features are its outstanding waves and the profile height of 60 mm. Thanks to rolling technology, tiles in this design have perfect geometry both on the surface and on the inside. The peculiarity of the production allows you to bend the tile, which serves as an additional stiffener, masks horizontal joints, and levels the damage to the stone covering of the lower tile. And the presence of a lock for lateral joining of tiles allows you to hide vertical joints as well. Therefore, the surface of the finished roof appears to be monolithic. And the ventilated ridge, which performs the function of airing the under-roof space, removes the need to install additional ventilation elements that spoil the appearance of the roof.

The material can be purchased in three different versions – 1-, 3-, and 6-row tiles. This allows you to significantly speed up the installation of the roof, reduce the number of joints.

QUEENTILE composite roof tiles are a complex multi-layer material. The base is Korean steel with a protective aluzinc coating on both sides. This coating provides corrosion protection many times higher than that of standard zinc plating. The thickness of the Alyumozinc layer is 150 g / m2. The surface of the steel is coated with a specially developed acrylic-based bonding material that holds the granules of natural stone (basalt). The stone layer, in turn, is treated with a special transparent acrylic glaze, which additionally protects the surface from burnout, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, IR radiation, and moisture penetration, and also prevents the appearance of moss


  • A solid warranty from the manufacturer directly to the end consumer – 50 years!
  • Practically silent – doesn’t cause any noise with rain, hail, or wind.
  • The material has a fire safety class A.
  • Lightweight (weight per square meter of the coating does not exceed 6.5 kg).
  • Highly resistant to temperature extremes, frost, and abnormal heat
  • Practically does not fade in the sun (stone chips are colored at high temperatures, which ensures color stability).
  • Composite roof tiles Queentile® are able to withstand winds up to 250 km / h
  • Minimum percentage of surplus.


Dimensions of 1-row tile 1150×400 mm, 2,63 pc per m², the weight of 1 pc 2,74 kg
Dimensions of 3-row tile 1100×1150 mm, 0,87 pc per m², the weight of 1 pc 7,17 kg
Dimensions of 6-row tile 2150×1150 mm, 0,43 pc per m², the weight of 1 pc 13,82 kg
Material Korean steel with a protective aluzinc coating
Finishing Basalt stone
Fire resistance Class A
Tiles needed per m² 2,73

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