Steel Roof Queentile Shake

Composite roof tiles Queentile® Shake profile will create a special elegance and unique appeal of the house, while the imitation of the wood structure and seasoned tones will emphasize the image of a long history.

QUEENTILE composite roof tiles are a complex multi-layer material. The base is Korean steel with a protective aluzinc coating on both sides. This coating provides corrosion protection many times higher than that of standard zinc plating. The thickness of the Alyumozinc layer is 150 g / m2. The surface of the steel is coated with a specially developed acrylic-based bonding material that holds the granules of natural stone (basalt). The stone layer, in turn, is treated with a special transparent acrylic glaze, which additionally protects the surface from burnout, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, IR radiation, and moisture penetration, and also prevents the appearance of moss.


  • 50 years of warranty from the manufacturer directly to the end-user!
  • Quiet, no rain or hail noise.
  • Lightweight (weight per square meter does not exceed 6.5 kg) – it can be used as a replacement for any outdated roofing material.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, from cold to unusual heat.
  • This stone coated steel roof doesn’t fade in the sun at all (the stone coating is painted at a very high temperature, which ensures color stability).
  • A fire class.
  • Minimum percentage of surplus.
  • Withstands wind speeds of up to 250 km / h and even the most difficult weather conditions.


Width 1175 mm
Height 420 mm
Weight 2,70 kg
Material Korean steel with a protective aluzinc coating
Finishing Basalt stone
Fire resistance Class A
Tiles needed per m² 2,50

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