Wirplast Solar connections

Solar connection  is designed to route the solar panel tubes and wires through the roof covering. The double rubber end ensures a hermetic connection, as well as the fact that both pipes and wires can be connected to the solar panels.

The cover of the element is removable, which provides free access for more convenient repair and preventive work.

Available in different versions:

Standard solar outlet is suitable for: bitumen shingle roofs
Normal solar outlet is suitable for: rolled-profile roofs, bitumen shingle roofs (existing roofing).
Uniwersal solar outlet is suitable for: all types of roof profiles
Perfekta solar outlet is suitable for: metal tile roofs, asbestos-free slate roofs, trapezoidal roofs.
Tile solar outlet is suitable for: clay tile roofs, concrete tile roofs.

The Solar connection is available as a ready-to-install kit: solar connection, matching roof connection/basement, black EPDM rubber nozzle.

  • Special surface treatment provides special resistance to scratches, large temperature fluctuations, corrosion and UV rays.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Solar pass-troughs have a modern, visually aesthetic design.


    • Diameter: ⌀5-47mm
    • Height: 85 mm
    • Material: PP with UV stabilizer, EPDM
    • Solar connection available as a ready-to-install package: solar connection, matching roof connection/ base.

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