Plano’s is a traditional-looking honeycomb-shaped bituminous shingle, the deeper shade of which at the top of the honeycomb creates an exceptionally eye-catching three-dimensional appearance for the roof. Thanks to the lightness of the bituminous shingle, it is also an excellent choice for buildings in need of renovation, and with its rough surface you do not need to be afraid of snow accumulation.

Plano’s is available in three different colors: natural brown, forest green and brick red.

Bitumen shingles is a high-quality roofing material that is easy to install on a hard and flat base. Plano his roofing is a versatile solution that is perfect for renovating new buildings as well as old ruberoid and tile roofs. The package contains 3 m2 of roofing.

The product is installed on a hard and flat substrate. In a pack of 3 m2 and the weight of the pack is 23 kg. The thickness of one plate is approx 4 mm and the weight is approx 1 kg

The minimum slope of the roof must be at least 11 or 20 cm of fall per 1 m.



Only Icopal bitumen or joint adhesive may be used for the installation of Icopal bituminous products. Eaves can be built in many different ways. The most beautiful and clean-looking Eaves can be built from sheet metal, which also serves as a substrate protection. The tiles of the covering material are attached to the substrate with wide-head hot-dip galvanized nails that must pass through the board (e.g. papinael 2,8 x 30 mm). If the board remains visible from below, the material can also be secured with wide-headed screws. Screws do not necessarily have to protrude through the board. An underlay must always be installed under the cover plates. If the edge of the old roof cardboard is bent down towards the eaves, the edge should be cut off and eaves sheets should be installed. If the lower Eaves boards are damaged, they must be replaced. Folds and the like in the old roof cardboard must be cut open, glued and fastened with nails.


natural brown, forest green, brick red

Brand name


Bituminous shingle length (EN544)

320 mm

Bituminous shingle width (EN544)

1000 mm

Weight of bituminous shingles per m2

± 7.67 kg/m²

Number of bituminous shingles per pack

22 pc

Single pack coverage

3 m²

Number of packages

39 pc

Resistance to rupture (EN 12311-1)

≥ 100 N

Fire resistance class

Class E


10 y

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