SCHIEDEL Modular Chimneys

Schiedel provides a range of innovative modular chimney systems that are engineered for modern heating requirements. These systems are designed to be lightweight, easy to install, and efficient in operation, making them suitable for both new constructions and renovations in residential and commercial settings.

Advantages of Modular Chimneys:

  • Lightweight and Easy Installation: Modular chimneys are significantly lighter than traditional brick chimneys, which simplifies installation and reduces structural demands on buildings.
  • Enhanced Performance: The streamlined design promotes better airflow, resulting in improved draw and reduced soot accumulation.
  • Maintenance and Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, these chimneys are designed to last and are easier to clean due to their smooth internal surfaces.
  • Adaptability: Modular designs allow for flexibility in placement and integration into various architectural styles without complex masonry work.


Ideal for wood-burning installations, featuring a unique volcanic pumice construction that offers high insulation and durability.

The modular chimney made from Icelandic volcanic stone, Isokern, is fire-safe, durable, and has a long lifespan, suitable for all wood-burning devices such as stoves, cookers, fireplaces, and sauna heaters. The installation of Isokern is simple and convenient for everyone.

Chimney blocks are available in diameters of 160 and 200 mm.

All Schiedel modular chimneys have been tested under extreme conditions and possess CE marking to prove compliance with standards.


Features a triple-layer ceramic system designed to handle a wide variety of heating appliances with optimal safety and efficiency.

Rondo is a classic 3-layer modular chimney with a ceramic inner tube. It is suitable for all standard heating devices where the temperature of flue gases does not exceed 600°C, such as stoves, cookers, fireplaces, and central heating boilers.

This durable solution features a flue made of strong ceramics, fired at 1200°C. The outer block is made of lightweight aggregate and is reinforced. For thermal insulation, rock wool is used.

All Schiedel modular chimneys are tested under extreme conditions and carry a CE mark to certify their compliance with standards.


Specially designed for sauna applications, ensuring high heat resistance and rapid temperature adjustments.

The Schiedel Sauna Chimney is suitable for all standard sauna heaters with a connection tube diameter of 115 mm. Available with a black outer shell or green stainless steel.

The sauna chimney is a stylish and smooth outer surface chimney system. The chimney set included in the sauna chimney is 2.4m long, with a flue diameter of 120mm and a polished RST outer shell.

Additional 1m and 0.5m chimney elements along with accessories can be purchased if needed to extend the chimney.

The product has been tested and has the necessary CE marking.

Thanks to the smooth inner surface, fewer combustion residues stick to it, and therefore the risk of a soot fire in the chimney is reduced.


A versatile chimney system that provides excellent performance with a focus on energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Perimeter is a metal modular chimney where modern design is combined with technology. Available in five different internal diameters ranging from 130-250mm and in three different color variants: black, gray, and white. Suitable for small fireplaces, stoves, and sauna heaters. The length of the chimney can be adjusted and customized to fit any house.

Perimeter is a safe 3-layer metal modular chimney system. Its inner layer is a 0.6mm thick stainless steel smoke pipe, covered by a special fire-resistant insulation layer and a powder-coated galvanized steel outer tube.

Excellent thermal insulation means that the chimney’s outer surface does not become significantly hot during heating.

Thanks to the smooth inner surface, fewer combustion residues stick to it, and therefore the risk of a soot fire in the chimney is reduced.


A lightweight, stainless steel chimney system designed for high-temperature applications and resistance to corrosive flue gases.

Prima Plus is a high-quality 316L stainless steel single-layer flue pipe system with a wall thickness of 0.6 mm. It is designed for use as an inner flue in a brick chimney renovation to make it resistant to the wet smoke environment created by modern heating devices emitting acidic condensation.

Prima Plus flue pipes can also be used as a connector, connecting the heating device to the existing chimney.

Prima Plus flue pipe is suitable for all standard oil and gas central heating boilers in wet operating conditions both under positive and negative pressure, if the flue gas outlet temperature of the heating device is up to 600 °C.


Offers exceptional thermal performance suitable for more demanding installations that require robust fire safety measures.

The Kerastar lightweight ceramic modular chimney combines the long life and durability of a ceramic chimney with the lightness, simplicity, and modern appearance of a metal chimney. The result is a lightweight ceramic modular chimney, whose stainless steel outer tube conceals an insulation layer and a ceramic inner tube.

Kerastar is well-suited for modern architecture in new houses but is also an excellent solution for installing a new heating appliance or simply upgrading a chimney in an older house. A key advantage of the Kerastar system is that it is compatible with all types of heating materials.


A double-walled, stainless steel system that can be used for both internal and external applications, providing flexibility and safety.

Each product in the Schiedel Modular Chimney range offers unique features tailored to different building and heating requirements, ensuring there is a solution for every need. For detailed specifications or to request a quote, visiting the Bestor website directly would provide comprehensive support and information.

The ICS is a three-layer stainless steel modular chimney whose double wall ensures compliance with all safety requirements. The ICS metal chimney combines ease of installation, high quality, and attractive appearance and can be used both inside and outside buildings.

Different chimney diameters ranging from 80 to 1200 mm ensure that this solution is suitable for very different buildings. It can be installed in both new and renovated private homes, terraced houses and apartment buildings, as well as in industrial buildings and business premises. The ICS efficiently directs smoke from any heating device out of the building, suitable for both positive and negative pressure situations.



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