SBS underlay ICOPAL BALTBIT PF160, TL2, 1X10M


Icopal flat roof underlay Balbit SBS PF160. TL2 certified BALTBIT is a modified SBS bituminous roll material on a polyester backing fabric, covered with sand on top, PE film on the bottom.

Installation conditions
The air temperature during installation must not fall below -15°C

Terms of use
Product BALTBIT PF 160 installed according to the technical design, in accordance with the relevant
building codes and detailed instructions contained in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Material rolls to be stored indoors, protected from moisture and sunlight or heating elements
from the heat. Rolls are stored on a flat surface upright, in one layer.

Transport rolls covered in a truck, upright and in one layer, protected from rollover and damage
for. Place the rollers so that their movement during transportation is excluded.

4.05 EUR/m2+KM

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Installation Welding
Material Polyester impregnated with bitumen (160g/m2)
External fire resistance Broof(t2)
Certificate TL2
Guarantee 10 years
Longitudinal tensile strength 800 ± 200 N / 50 mm
Transverse tensile strength 600 ± 200 N/50 mm
Longitudinal elongation (%) 50 ± 15%
Transverse elongation (%) 50 ± 15%
Elasticity at low temperatures -15°C
Water vapor permeability μ=20 000
Roll width 1m
Roll length 10m
Weight per m2 4 kg
Pallet 20kpl
Brand name


4.05 EUR/m2+KM

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