SBS air purifying top layer ICOPAL POLARTOP NOXITE (K-PS 170/5000)


PolarTop noxite is a bitumen roofing material developed by Icopal that not only provides mechanical protection for the roof, but also has the ability to remove harmful pollutants from the air. Noxite roofs are characterized by the ability to neutralize harmful nitrogen oxides emissions from traffic and industry in the air, using sunlight, wind and rainwater. The air-purifying effect of noxite coatings is based on a special surface layer containing titanium dioxide (TiO2). PolarTop noxite belongs to the TL2 class roofing materials that are designed for use on sloping roofs. It is covered with noxite stands and the color is light gray.

Product class
Bituminous roll materials TL2

Fire Class
bRoof (f)

Roll material suitable for flat roof

Roll dimensions 1×8 m (8 m2)
Thickness approx 4 mm
Roll weight 25 kg
Rolls in pallet 24

Weight per m2 is 5 kg

Rolled around a cardboard roll. The pallet has 25 upright rolls, and the base is covered with film. The weight of the pallet with the product is about 600 kg.

Transport the rollers and keep them upright on a stable basis. During transportation and outdoor storage, products must be protected from dirt, moisture and mechanical damage. Handle with care. Do not stack on top of each other.

The product does not contain substances harmful to health. Transfer the used product to landfill or discard in accordance with national requirements.

6.95 EUR/M2+KM

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Installation Weldable
Material Polyester impregnated with bitumen (170g/m2)
External fire resistance bRoof(f)
Certificate TL2
Roll weight 40kg
Longitudinal tensile strength 750 +150/-150 N/50 mm
Transverse tensile strength 550 +150/-150 N/50 mm
Longitudinal elongation (%) 40 +15/-15 %
Transverse elongation (%) 40 +15/-15 %
Pallet 25pc
Total pallet weight ~ 980 kg
Roll width 1m
Roll length 8m
Weight per m2 5kg
Intended use Top layer
Brand name


6.95 EUR/M2+KM

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