Roof tiles Creaton Futura 300 x 482 mm

  • The generous adjustment range of 29 mm per tile
  • 15 captivating colors in four velvety surface finish variants, all from first-class materials
  • Seamless coverage and optimum flow behavior thanks to technically innovative design
  • Also suitable for roof pitches as low as 7°, with a waterproof sub-roof
  • Labyrinth technology, with five specially-shaped protruding side ribs, prevents rainwater penetration, even in the fiercest storms
  • This interlock, the water flow features, and especially good CW value make FUTURA an outstanding tile, suitable for very low-pitched and very steep roofs alike

Technical specifications

Tile dimensions 300 x 482 mm
Useful width 238 mm
Useful length 374 mm
Tile requirement min. (approx.) 11.3 pcs/m²
Weight per m² (approx.) 48.6 kg/m²

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