Liquid bituminous coating Bitulast BTL 200 water-based waterproofing

Liquid bituminous coating Bitulast BTL 200 is a water-based, one-component waterproofing material produced on the basis of rubber bitumen. The product is meant to be used as water and moisture-tight material from the direction of water flow in underground applications such as foundations, retaining walls and basements. But it can also be successfully used as water isolation material in dry or slightly moist rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The application surface should be checked for smoothness, dryness and cleanliness and adequate slope grout before applying the primer. After meeting these requirements, is applied on the surface by means of a brush or spray gun, as 1.5 kg per sqm on horizontal surfaces and 0.8 kg per sqm on walls, and left until it fully dries. It fully dries in approximately 4-5 hours depending on weather conditions. In the case of double-layer applications, the second layer should not be applied until the first layer fully dries. Application of bituminous membrane is started after the primer is completely dry.




Viscous liquid


approx. 1,0 kg/lt

Application temperatur

+5 °C/ +35 °C


17 kg

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