Foamglas T4 + series tiles are suitable for insulating various building parts. The material can be used for insulation of flat roof, facade, floor and interior walls, floors and ceilings. The thermal conductivity of the T4 + series insulation is 0.041 W / (m · K) and the compressive strength of UDL is 600 kPa, and the product is also fully waterproof and moisture resistant.

Slabs tiles do not have a top layer of bitumen, and the material is used throughout the inner and outer railing of the building.

Tapered tiles are produced to order using original architect CAD drawings to create insulation with precise slopes and sizes for a particular building. Plates are numbered at the factory according to the installation position. An arrow minted on the top surface indicates the direction of narrowing.

Ready insulation products have a factory-installed top layer of bitumen, which allows you to install waterproofing using e.g. a burner.

Foam glass is an insulating material made of almost 100% pure glass, which is obtained during a complex manufacturing process, forming glass frame panels of different sizes. The inside of the panel is formed by honeycombs filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) and sealed. Foam glass is commonly used in buildings where resistance to moisture is important, such as water treatment buildings, swimming pools, green roofs, etc., on high-load roofs such as parking roofs, sun roofs, machine roofs, etc., or for underground floor insulation.


Foamglasate T4 + series insulation is made of specially sorted recyclable glass (- 60%) and natural raw materials such as sand, Dolamite and lime. The material is:

Waterproof and moisture resistant
Rodent and insect resistant
Resistant to chemical compounds, including acid resistant
Lightly processed
Impermeable to water vapor
Dimensionally stable
Radon insulating


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