Flooring panel Scalamid

SCALAMID fiber cement flooring panels are perfect as a flooring material for indoor use. SCALAMID fiber cement floor tiles are easy to install with a click-lock system. The material can also be installed in conjunction with underfloor heating. The high sound insulation of SCALAMID panels eliminates the noise caused by walking (also known as the knocking effect).

Due to its flexibility, impact resistance and high abrasion resistance, this material is not susceptible to damage that may occur during transport, installation or daily use. Scalamid floor tiles are easy to maintain and do not require professional maintenance. Modern and innovative technology enables the possibility to digitally print the desired imitations on the flooring panels. SCALAMID fiber cement floor tiles have an A + emission class.

SCALAMID provides a minimum of 10-year warranty to its fiber cement flooring panels.

Scalamid digital prints (277 unique designs)

Scalamid selection has a wide patterns, colors and structures range. Modern and innovative technology enables the possibility to digitally print the desired imitations on the fibre cement panels.

Uni colors collection (20 designs)

Stone collection (61 designs)

Concrete collection (30 designs)

Wood collection (57 designs)

Brick collection (8 designs)

Rust collection (15 designs)

Fabric collection (7 designs)

Geometry collection (12 designs)

Nature collection (26 designs)

Graphics collection (8 designs)

Antique collection (12 designs)

Abstraction collection (21 designs)

knocking-effect-iconNo knocking effect while walking


no-cold-floor-effectNo cold floor effect


non-slip-surfaceNon-slip surface, DS class


underfloor-heating-iconCan be used with underfloor heating


stain-resistance-iconResistance to stains and dirt


stairs-iconCan be used on stairs


easy-to-process-iconEasy to process


click-lock-sytem-iconClick-lock system installation


uv-radiation-iconResistance to UV radiation


weatherproof-iconWaterproof surface


chemical-iconResistance to chemicals and detergents


Resistance to biological agents


easy-to-maintain-iconEasy to maintain


Environmentally-friendly-iconEnvironmentally friendly


tick-icon10-year warranty


certificateHygienic Certificate


antistaticAntistatic surface


abrasion-resistance-iconGreater abrasion resistance than traditional materials


isolation-iconGood thermal and sound insulation properties


Floor FLC 3200 x 400 x 8 mm
1600 x 300 x 8 mm
1200 x 600 x 8 mm

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