Fiver cement building board Everest

Fiber cement building board Everest is a universal building board with a simple and modest appearance. Everest fiver cement building boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fiber cement is immune to water damage and constantly chasing weather conditions. The material is rot-proof in nature, does not corrode, and is not affected even in the slightest by pests or fungal mold. The dimensions of the fiber cement building board remain stable regardless of the environmental factors. Fiber cement building boards are covered with a 25-year warranty if installed correctly.


Heavy Duty fiber cement construction board and facade siding is perfect for a demanding customer due to its impact- and soundproofing properties. Heavy Duty fiber cement boards are suitable for outdoor use on the facade siding as well as indoors for the construction of walls and floors of buildings with heavier “traffic”. The average density of the Heavy Duty building board is 1600 kg / m³ and the maximum water absorption percentage is 4%. Paint, ceramic tiles, laminates, plastering, water-based varnishes are suitable for finishing. 12 – 22 mm thick boards are also available to order, which are durable and unique.

Multipurpose fiber cement building board and weather barrier is suitable for partitions, ceilings, moderately loaded floors and can be used as a weather barrier board for ventilated facades. The material meets the requirements of the most demanding consumers. The average density of a multipurpose building board is 1350 kg / m³ and the maximum water absorption percentage is 8%. Paint, wallpaper, textured coating, plywood, water-based and water-repellent varnishes as well as polyurethane varnishes are suitable for finishing the material. All exterior varnishes are also suitable for indoor use. We recommend acrylic paints for the best coating solution.



Pest resistant



Everest Heavy Duty (HD) Everest Multipurpose (MP)
Height 2440 or 2850 mm 2440 or 2850 mm
Width 1220 mm 1220 mm
Thickness Standard 6, 9 or 12 mm (15 or 18 mm on special order) 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 or 16, 18, 22 mm
Density Kg/m³ >1600 Kg/m³ >1350
Min. density Kg/m³ >1400 Kg/m³ >1200
Expansion in water ~ 0,4% ~ 0,8%
Thermal conductivity 50 ° c W / mk 0,0862 50 ° c W / mk 0,0872
Acoustic insulation (6mm board) 32 dB 26 dB
Combustibility Non-combustible as per BS 476 Part IV Non-combustible as per BS 476 Part IV
Fire Propagation Index Passes as per BS 476 Part VI Passes as per BS 476 Part VI
Surface Spread of flame Class – 1, as per BS 476 Part VII Class – 1, as per BS 476 Part VII
Warranty 25-years  25-years

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