Fiber cement cladding panel Scalamid

SCALAMID fiber cement cladding panels can be installed indoors (walls & floors) or outdoors (facade) use or even on convex surfaces. SCALAMID fiber cement panel is a modern and innovative product in the form of boards based on mineral resources and natural fibers. It is offered in a wide range of dimensions, patterns, colors and structures. Modern and innovative technology enables the possibility to digitally print the desired imitations on the cladding panels.

The material is highly flexible, thanks to which SCALAMID can be used not only on flat surfaces such as facades, internal walls or floors, but also on rounded architectural elements. Thanks to its flexibility, impact resistance and high abrasion resistance ( AC5 ), is not susceptible to damage and chipping during transport, installation and daily use. SCALAMID is extremely durable, non-combustible ( A1 fire class ) and resistant to detergents and chemicals.

SCALAMID does not discolor or fade when exposed to UV radiation, even extreme temperatures ( -50 ˚C to +85 ˚C ) do not damage the material, deform or distort the structure. SCALAMID fiber cement panels keep the maintenance and cleaning costs down because it’s practically maintenance-free and basic soap and water combination keeps it clean. SCALAMID provides a minimum of 15-year warranty to its fiber cement cladding panels.

Scalamid digital prints (277 unique designs)

Scalamid selection has a wide patterns, colors and structures range. Modern and innovative technology enables the possibility to digitally print the desired imitations on the fibre cement panels.

Uni colors collection (20 designs)

Stone collection (61 designs)

Concrete collection (30 designs)

Wood collection (57 designs)

Brick collection (8 designs)

Rust collection (15 designs)

Fabric collection (7 designs)

Geometry collection (12 designs)

Nature collection (26 designs)

Graphics collection (8 designs)

Antique collection (12 designs)

Abstraction collection (21 designs)

sun-iconResistant to external factors (UV radiation, extreme temperatures -50 ˚C to +85 ˚C)


isolation-iconGreat thermal and sound insulation properties


The dimensions of the large panel are 3200 x 1200 mm


Environmentally-friendly-iconEnvironmentally friendly material


chemical-iconResistant to chemicals and detergents

pests-iconResistance to fungi, bacteria, insects, pests


air-circulation-iconEnsures good air circulation


maintain-iconEasy to maintain


tick-iconHeavy metal-free


Facade boards FAB 3200 x 1200 x 8 mm
3200 x 300 x 8 mm
1600 x 600 x 8 mm
Facade panels FAP 3200 x 240 x 8 mm

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