Fatrafol 818/V – Green roof

FATRAFOL 818/V is intended for making single-ply coverings of flat roofs that are loaded with gravel- or vegetation layer. This membrane is not suitable for mechanically anchored ply coverings without a ballasting layer.

  • The membrane on the PVC-P basis with integrated fibreglass fleece;
  • is not suitable for mechanical anchoring;
  • the 818/V-UV alternative is resistant to UV radiation long-term
  • Membrane sheets may be joined together using hand-operated or automatic hot-air welding machines or wedge welders (single-track weld).


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Weight of the roll (kg) Roll (m²)
1.2 2050 81 51.25
1.5 2050 82 41
1.8 2050 81 33.83


FATRAFOL 810/V is as a part of the roof waterproofing system FATRAFOL-S certified according to European Technical Approval ETA-12/0013 (Systems of mechanically fastened flexible roof waterproofing membranes FATRAFOL-S).

Visible defects EN 1850-2 meets
Straightness EN 1848-2 ≤ 30 mm
Dimensional stability EN 1107-2 max. ± 0,1 %
Tear resistance (MD) EN 12310-2 ≥ 90 N – ≥ 150 N
Foldability at low-temperature EN 495-5 ≤ -30 °C
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 Class E
Exposure to UV radiation, elevated temperature and water (5000 h) EN 1297 meets, grade 0
Water vapor properties – factor μ EN 1931 20000 ± 4000
Resistance to root penetration EN 13948 meets

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