Cement based bitumen coating Bitumento BT2K 600 solvent-free, two-component

Bitumen coating Bitulast BT2K 600 is a solvent-free, cement-based two-component waterproofing material. The product is meant to be used as water and moisture-tight material in underground applications such as foundations, base walls and basements. The product can also be used as the protection and isolation of structures and structural elements which are exposed to seepage water and continuous or temporary water pressure and insulation of mineral surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, briquette, plaster, grout, etc

The substrate should be free of dust, dirt, rust and oil, and loose parts scraped. The steel and wooden dowels should be removed from the surface. Wide cracks and gaps should be filled with Elastopast or Elastomast. The corners and edges should be rounded by at least 4 cm in diameter. Bitümento BT2K 600 should be applied on dry concrete.

Usage of BT2K 600

The powder component should be added to the liquid component slowly and mixed in a mixer with 400-600 rpm for 3-5 minutes until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained.

After the primer is dried, it is applied in a thickness of 2-5 mm by means of a brush or appropriate spray equipment. It may be applied in higher quantities depending on the absorption, porosity of the surface, and the water pressure to which the waterproof layer it will be exposed.

In case of double-layer application, the first layer should be allowed for curing and then the second layer should be applied. It is recommended to use 50-100 gr/m² fiberglass or net to improve mechanical properties in large areas. The mixture prepared should be consumed within 1-2 hours depending on the weather temperature.




Viscous liquid, Powder


approx. 1,1 kg/lt

Application temperatur

+5 °C/ +35 °C


24 kg + 8 kg

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