Cassette Blinds GIBUS CLICK ZIP

The cassette reel forms a single whole with the window frame and is therefore almost imperceptible. If the cassette blinds are traditionally installed on the room side of the window, then this particular series is primarily intended for the external side. There are three different variations of Gibus Click Zip cartridge truolst: Standard (9, 11, 13 and 15), Ghost version with hidden cartridge system and Naked system without cover (See Gallery).

The side buses, or cassettes, inside which the roller shutter curtain moves, are equipped with a built-in and patented mag Lock system based on magnets. The purpose of the magnetic lock is to improve the vertical tension of the roller shutter fabric and the resistance to possible wind loads. All aluminum profiles are powder coated. Fasteners are made of stainless steel, and accessories are made of nylon. The system is controlled both manually and by motor.

The systems are available in different heights and widths (see the selection in the table below). In addition, the system can be ordered with an LED light profile, which includes built-in spotlights with a diameter of 6 mm, each of which has a luminous flux strength of 84 lumens. LED spotlights are 18 centimetres (cm) apart on the light profile of the cassette recorder, and the exact amount of luminaires depends on the width of the desired profile. The standard solution light tone is 4000 K, if desired, it is also possible to order 3000 K. The light profile can be added to all Click ZIP cassette recorder systems except Click ZIP 9.

Cassette reel profiles and fabrics are available in standard RAL colors. For more colour information, please open the product brochure below.

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