BUTYLFIX butyl double-sided adhesive tape

ButylFix Professional is a high quality butyl double-side tape for a wide range of applications, designed for elements that require urgent sealing.


Construction (roofing, facade materials, window and door sealing)
Plumbing (pipe and crack repair, alternative to silicone)
Automotive (sealing of bodies and components)
For bus, tractor, railway wagon, yacht, boat structures
Tanks, windows, doors, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts
..In short, you can seal almost anything with butyl!


Butyl has thermoplastic properties. At low temperatures, its hardness increases, but at higher temperatures it becomes softer and stickier.
Butyl is weather and UV resistant, especially in warm and humid conditions.
It is also stable in contact with fresh and saline water in the pH range 5-9.
Not resistant to oils, greases, white spirit and other solvents.




Black, Grey


15×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 15×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 15×3,0 mm /7 m, 20×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 20×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 20×3,0 mm /7 m, 25×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 25×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 25×3,0 mm /7 m, 30×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 30×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 30×3,0 mm /7 m, 40×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 40×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 40×3,0 mm /7 m, 60×1,0 mm /17,5 m, 60×2,0 mm /9,5 m, 60×3.0 mm /7 m

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