ALUBUTYLFIX unilateral butyl tape

ButylFix Professional is a high quality butyl tape designed for versatile applications requiring fast sealing.

Possible uses

Construction (roofing, cladding, sealing windows and doors)
Plumbing (pipe and crack repair, alternative to silicone)
Automotive (sealing of bodywork and components)
For the construction of buses, tractors, railway wagons, yachts, boats.
Tanks, windows, doors, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts.
..In short, butyl can seal almost anything!


Premium butyl
Double-sided adhesive
Strong grip on different surfaces
For external and internal works
Forever plastic and sticky
Durable, non-hardening, non-tarnishing, non-toxic
Weather, UV, acid, alkali, fungi, mould, corrosion resistant
Volatile matter free, no weight loss
Waterproof, vapour-proof, noise-proof, vibration- and vibration-damping




black / aluminium colour: anthracite


150 mm x 0.6 mm/10 m

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