Bitumen-solution based Bitusol BTS 100 water proofing primer

Bitumen-solution-based Bitusol BTS 100 is a waterproofing primer that strongly adheres to the surface where it is applied on. The product is meant for preventing moisture on the floors and walls of foundations and basements or used as a primer before bituminous coatings in basement and roof isolations. When applied on side surfaces of buildings, it repels water and humidity, thus preventing any swelling, deformation of paint and formation of mold on the internal surfaces.

The surface of the application should be cleaned from dust, oil, construction waste and dirt and it should be dry. If an application is to be made indoors, care should be taken to ensure sufficient ventilation. Its drying period is minimum 24 hours, depending on the climatic conditions.




Viscous liquid


approx. 0,095 gr/cm3

Application temperatur

+5 °C/ +35 °C



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