Bitumen Shingles Classic Series

Classic Series bitumen shingles are single-layer tiles, that deliver an excellent color palette and the widest variety of shapes: Sonata Versalles, Sonata Quadrille, Delta, Tango Super, Trio Super, Accord Praga. Classic Series bitumen shingles are produced with high-quality bitumen. The bitumen shingles are tiled on pitched roofs the inclination of which is ≥ 12°. Shingles are intended to be fastened mechanically to the smooth and continuous basis of pitched roofs with roofing nails. Classic Series is covered with 30 years of warranty.

Price: 4.05 € / m2 + VAT

Technical data

Characteristics Test method in the EN 544:2011
or other standards
Units Requirements Value or
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 EN 13501-1 E
External fire performance ENV 1187 In accordance with
EN 13501-5
BROOF (t1)
Flow resistance at elevated
EN 1110 mm ≤ 2 mm at 110 °C Pass
Adhesion of granules and flakes
of slate
EN 12039 g ≤ 2,5 ≤ 1,2

Packages with shingles should be stored in a horizontal position combined on wooden pallets no more than 12 rows of packages in height and should be protected against moisture, heat (temperature not higher than +40°C) and mechanical damage. The minimum temperature of installation is 6 °C. In the cold season, the Packages with shingles should be kept at a temperature more than +20°C not less than 24 hours before use.

Sonata Versalles (1), Sonata Quadrille (1), Delta (2), Tango Super (3), Trio Super (4), Accord Praga (5) sizes in millimeters (mm).

1 Quadrille-Shingles 2 Delta-Shingles 3 Tango-Super-Shingles 4  Trio-Super-Shingles 5 Accord-Praga-Shingles



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