Bioclimatic pergola Gibus

Gibus bioclimatic awnings are noise canceling and offer you a constant feeling of well- being even in the most changeable weather conditions. Adjustable roof ribs which, when opened slightly, turn so there is a pleasantly light wind and protection from the sun, make the awning special. Fully enclosed they protect from rain meantime rainwater flows into built-in drains.

Gibus bioclimatic awnings are available in three different variations:

  • Varia – complete solution consisting of aluminium profiles with a built-in cassette system. The awning can be closed from all sides, in case of hotter weather using shading fabric and with cold weathers using glass panels.
  • Twist – main difference with Varia is that it doesn’t contain the cassette system.
  • Joy – The simplest system from Gibus; doesn’t contain cassette system or Twist Motion opening system.


  • Roof rib seal – roof rib sealing system with a special rubber seal will ensure perfect air and water resistance.
  • Snow melting system– patented external surface insulation system, which avoids the accumulation snow and other precipitation on the roof system of the structure.
  • Safe roof rib system – The roof ribs move as desired by blocking the sun’s rays, wind and various precipitations. If any other object accidentally gets caught between the ribs the system engine stops immediately to avoid possible injuries.
  • Aluminum profiles – The system is protected with special corrosion control.
  • Water drainage – integrated precipitation drainage system.
  • Heating devices – electric heaters with safety control system are resistant to wind and corrosive substances. There are many installation options. Infrared electric system tungsten 4000W has up to 45 ° rotatable spectrum reflector.
  • Optional– Roof ribs of the system contain extra isolation which reduces noise caused by rainfall up to 70% (-5,7 dB)
  • Optional – It’s possible to automate the system with accessories, like remote control, snow and precipitation sensor, wind or solar radiation sensor.
  • Optional – It’s possible to add cassette system for Varia and Joy models.
  • Light solution– There are available different variants and combinations, which are customized as needed: LED- spots light in roof ribs, LED- spot lights integrated to gutter, LED- light strips which can be used along the inner perimeter of the structure. Low energy consumption, as LED technology is used.
  • Sound system– Automatic 3.0 Bluetooth- connection, stereo speakers are built into the front wall profile or roof ribs of both Varia and Twist models.
  • Maximum flexibility in design – complete montage freedom with many possible combinations.

Bioclimatic awning Gibus technical specification

Varia Twist Joy
Material Aluminum alloy/ stainless steel Aluminum alloy/ stainless steel Aluminum alloy/ stainless steel
Special solution
Maximum size of modules 500×740 cm 500×750 cm 450×690 cm
Post sizes 17×17 cm 15×15 cm 13×13 cm
Frame height 31 cm 31 cm 25 cm
Dimensions of the roof rib section 4,3×23,7 cm 4,3×23,7 cm 4,25×23,7 cm
Angle of rotation of the roof rib 0°-120° 0°-120° 0°-120°
Possibility to close the roof rib
Consisting of modules
Remote controlled 6 channels ja 42 functions 6 channels ja 42 functions 6 channels ja 42 functions
Movement mechanism of the roof ribs 2 engines 2 engines 2 engines
Intrigued rainfall runoff
Operating temperature range of the systems -10°/+50° -10°/+50° -10°/+50°
Fuses motolP66 engine, IP54-IP55 power supply unit, IP44 engine/IP66 engine IP66 engine, IP54-IP55 power supply unit, IP66 engine lP66 engine, IP54-IP55 power supply unit, IP66 engine
LED-light color temperature 4000K (3000 on special order) 4000K (3000 on special order) 4000K (3000 on special order)
Guarantee 5 years 5 years 5 years

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