Aluminum composite panel Alutechbond®

Aluminium composite panels (ACP) is a facade cladding material often applied to the walls of buildings to serve as siding. Aluminium composite panel Alutechbond® consisting of the combination of two aluminium sheets and low-density polyethylene filler between. The adhesion of the polyethylene to the aluminium sheet is ensured by the adhesive granule or film. It has superior surface resistance due to the painted top aluminium board. Aluminium composite panel Alutechbond® offers lightness, aesthetic appearance, fast and easy assembly, high sound and heat insulation, a wide variety of colours and flexible project applicability. Aluminium composite panels withstand extreme temperatures from -50 ° C to +80 ° C and  Alutechbond® provides warranty of up to 20 years. Material is suitable for interior and exterior facades, decoration applications, billboards and so on. All materials used in composite panel production can be recycled.

Color selection of aluminium composite panels

100 & 200

300 & 400

weight-iconDurable, tough and lightweight


finishing-iconWide range of colors and easily adaptable to the project


isolation-iconHigh sound and thermal insulation


easy-to-proccess-iconEasy to process

weatherproof-icon High resistance to environmental conditions


easy-to-maintain-iconEasy to maintain, including cleaning




aesthetic-iconStylish and aesthetic product

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