Cedral Fiber Cement Sidings: Facade of the future

Cedral fiber cement siding is not just a building material; it’s a smart investment in the future of construction. Manufactured from a blend of cement, sand, cellulose fibers, and water, it provides a robust alternative to traditional materials while supporting environmental sustainability. This article explores the multifaceted benefits and innovative features of Cedral siding, positioning it as an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.


Why Choose Cedral Fiber Cement Siding?

Longevity and Durability

One of the most significant advantages of Cedral fiber cement siding is its durability. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including high temperatures, heavy rain, and freezing cold, Cedral siding maintains its integrity over many years. It resists common siding ailments such as warping, rotting, and swelling, which are typical of wood and PVC siding.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Cedral siding is available in over 30 pre-colored options and two distinct textures—smooth and wood grain—allowing architects and homeowners to achieve a desired look without compromising on quality. Whether the goal is to complement a traditional setting or to stand out with a contemporary facade, Cedral offers solutions that integrate seamlessly into various architectural styles.

Maintenance Ease

Unlike wood, which requires regular painting and sealing, Cedral siding is virtually maintenance-free. The color is baked into the material during manufacturing, which ensures a long-lasting finish that does not fade over time. This not only reduces ongoing maintenance costs but also makes Cedral an economical choice in the long term.

Technical Specifications and Installation

Profiles and Dimensions

Cedral siding comes in two profiles: Cedral Click, with a tongue-and-groove system allowing for hidden fastenings and a seamless look; and Cedral Classic, which provides a traditional lap siding appearance. Both are designed to be easy to install over a breathable waterproof membrane and a ventilated support structure, which enhances the building’s thermal efficiency.

Environmental Impact

Cedral’s manufacturing process prioritizes environmental sustainability. The materials used are sourced responsibly, and the production process is designed to minimize waste and energy consumption. Additionally, Cedral siding is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle, contributing to the building industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Fire Resistance and Safety Features

Safety is paramount in building materials, and Cedral siding excels here as well. It is non-combustible and meets the highest standards for fire resistance (Class A rated), making it an excellent choice for areas prone to wildfires or for commercial buildings where stringent safety standards are required.

Enhancing Your Home with Cedral fiber cement sidings


Design Inspiration

Cedral fiber cement siding is versatile not only in terms of its physical attributes but also in how it inspires design. From quaint cottages to modern office buildings, it can be tailored to enhance any building’s exterior. The variety of colors and finishes available allows designers to create unique, attractive facades that stand out in any neighborhood or business district.

Warranty and Support

Cedral is backed by a robust warranty that underscores its durability and manufacturers’ confidence in the product. A comprehensive 10-year warranty covers both color stability and material performance, providing peace of mind to both builders and property owners.

Cedral Click

Voodrilaud Cedral Click on poolpunn ühendusega ning peidetud kinnitusklambritel põhineva süsteemiga, mis võimaldab luua moodsama ja ühtlasema välimusega fassaadi.


Length 3600 mm

Width 186 mm

Thickness12 mm

Weight 12.2 kg

Cedral Classic

Voodrilaud Cedral Classic on ülekattega paigaldatav süsteem, mis annab hoonele traditsioonilisema kuvandi. Voodrilaudade paigaldamiseks kasutatakse spetsiaalseid värvitud peadega kruve.


Length 3600 mm

Width 190 mm

Thickness 10 mm

Weight 11.2 kg


Cedral fiber cement siding represents a fusion of aesthetic flexibility, environmental responsibility, and enduring quality. Its easy installation, coupled with a vast array of design options, makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their building’s exterior with a product that is as durable as it is beautiful. As the construction industry moves towards more sustainable practices, Cedral siding stands out as a leader in innovative building solutions.